The first part of our journey is now over and we are now back in Norfolk after visiting family in Columbus and California, celebrating a wedding and now we are back preparing for the next part of our trip.

We have seen some amazing things thus far; stars so numerous in the heavens that it it looks like someone painted clouds into a deep dark dark sky, beaches so white with water so clear that you could see the bottom 20 feet deep, giant tuna jumping 6 ft out of the water, myriads of different types of sea birds, twinkling water, whales, seals – the list goes on.

When we were sailing late at night, our bow wave twinkled with microscopic luminous animals. It was amazing to see the beauty and the adaptations of each species as they coexist; Dolphins swimming and chasing fish, Gannets diving from great heights, crashing into the water and swimming down to spear and eat their prey, Lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams – so many different things and they are each unique in their own right.

From gentle winds and calm seas pushing us along at night to furious gale force winds whipping up huge monster waves that tossed our boat like a little cork; we were so insignificant and helpless against this power and might.

We as humans are fools to think that we can tame nature, God has complete control and nature is so powerful that we cannot resist or conquer it, we can only coexist and learn to get along with it. I can only look forward to what lies ahead; new, beautiful sights and places that we will explore and we will continue to see The Wonder of God’s creation first hand.

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