And We’re Off!

We went to Put-In-Bay with the friend that drove my wife home and anchored in front of Perry’s Monument for the evening. We ended up motoring the whole way due to lack of wind. We anchored and after ensuring we weren’t dragging, took the dinghy in to shore and walked around a little before heading over to dinner at the Keys. We sampled Conch Fritters, a Bahamian delicacy – YUM! After dinner we headed back to the boat and sat out for a little while enjoying the clear, starry skies and then plopped into bed for the night.

We woke on Sunday to a cool SW breeze. We went in to shore for a good cup of coffee over at Wharfside and ended up eating breakfast there. Then we headed back to the boat and had a wonderful sail home. Winds were 12-20 knots – perfect breeze and a lovely sail. We finished off the day with dinner at Orchards, our favorite restaurant. Monday we ended up there again for happy hour and enjoyed coconut shrimp and mussels along with a martini – $5 each! Gotta love Mondays. I got the apparent wind steering for the autopilot installed, we decided our test will be at departure.

Wednesday we ironed up last bit odds and ends; last minute boat and grocery shopping, laundry and final preparation for getting underway. A friend of ours graciously offered to drive us around since our car is now gone. We went to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment, then off to Krogers for grocery shopping. It was so hot that we decided to by a pint of Graeters double chocolate chip icecream which we proceeded to demolish while sitting outside in the shade. It was good! Then we went over to West Marine for a few last minute things and headed back to the boat to pack it all away. It was so hot – all we could do was lay around and rest until the sun went down, then we took a walk and showered before watching an episode of Midsomer Murders on Netflix before hitting the hay. This was definitely the hottest day we have had so far, the heat index was over 100!

Thursday we awoke early and went for a walk before the heat of the day kicked in. By 10 am it was 90 and very sticky. We put on the mainsail anticipating our new sail cover which comes tomorrow. Then to protect it from the sun we covered it with sheets and towels. The whole process took until noon and by then we were both drenched in sweat. Another day of 90 plus with very high humidity. I spent the afternoon below working – hiding from the sun with a wet towel around my neck to keep me cool.

Later in the day our dock neighbor came by and gave me a ride over to the store so I could pick up cooking fuel and safety flares, the last 2 things we needed before departure. We also took the time to stop at Tofts for the last time and we enjoyed a serving of Caveman Chocolate – our favorite flavor. Then we needed to fix something with our Yankee (front sail). We ended up having to take it down and lay it out on the street to get it fixed. By the time his was all done we were both dripping in sweat so we took the dinghy for a ride to the beach where we waded around in waist deep water and tried to wash the boat to cool off. We put Windsor in for a swim too as he looked pretty hot as well. He was NOT amused. He’s a great swimmer but water isn’t his favorite place to be. Of course we had to give him a bath once we got back to the boat so he wouldn’t stink once the lake water dried. That impressed him even less.

Today we filled the water tanks for the last time and now we are just waiting for my stepson to visit and say goodbye – he’s taking clients Walleye fishing this weekend – AND pick up our new sail cover and then we are off! You will be able to track our position using this link here. We appreciate all your prayers for us for a safe trip. We are on our way! Friday – July 21.

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    • Just passed the town of Brockville on the St Lawrence river. Of course in a summer where the wind is out of the South most of the time, the wind is out of the NE, so we have to motor 🙁 Only got the staysail up, but at half throttle we are making over 6 with the current.

      • Sounds like you are going with the current. I hate going against it. I really don’t like motoring either. But seems like we did a lot of it. Happy sailing.
        What are your nights like temperature wise?

        • This morning it was 52! The wind is out of the East so we have to motor until we are at a point where we can do some tacking. All bundled up – wind is about 15 and it is chilly!

          • That sounds chilly… Hope you were able to get some sailing in. The Atlantic winds are typically from the east. At less it was for us.

          • Had a nice sail yesterday from Cornwall across Lake St Francios – 4-5 knots most of the time – it was nice not running the engine!

          • I totally agree… I love not running the engine⛵️ glad to hear you had a good sailing day.
            Maybe you’ll have one today too😊

          • Hope so, motor sailing down a canal right now – 10 miles to the locks – 5 other sailboats with us and we want to keep up so we all go through the locks together. Then we are into a large lake just south of Montreal – we will sail then – its about 10 knots and I am happy with that.

          • 5 sailboats and 5 powerboats. Its the most we will have locked through with to this point. Welland canal it was just us for 8 locks! Last lock on the US side on Saturday (Eisenhower & Snell) there were 4 boats.

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